What is Latexseal?

Emulsion made by emulsifying polymer synthetic resin in natural rubber solution. It is an innovative product with high functionality, stability,
and economic feasibility, and is a unique trademark that has obtained an invention patent (10-2052532).

  • main-icon It can be worked on wet surfaces
    in the form of emulsions
  • main-icon Excellent adhesion to concrete, metal,
    stone, plastic, and other materials
  • main-icon Excellent water resistance
    and elasticity
  • main-icon Excellent bending resistance,
    alkali resistance,and tensile strength
  • main-icon Curing time (4-5 hours, based on
    rooftop) is fast
  • main-icon Shortened construction period and
    saved construction costs
  • main-icon No toxicity from fire or solvents
The Use of
  • main-icon Multi-purpose waterproofing for civil
    engineering and buildings
  • main-icon Bridges, tunnels, subways, water and
    sewage, wastewater treatment plants,
    ports, etc.
  • main-icon Basement, rooftop, swimming pool,
    water tank, septic tank, etc.
  • main-icon Concrete structure cracks and
    waterproofing of leaking areas
  • main-icon ship deck covering material
    (desk covering)

Technological differentiation makes
products competitive.

We would like to inform you about A’s various waterproof products.

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Inorganic elastic film
waterproofing agent

Mineral composite
waterproofing agent

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